Fix Pension Poverty in Ballina


The 2016 Census shows that in the electoral division of Richmond, those who were 65 or older constituted 23.5% of the population (compared with a 15.8% average for Australia).

Sadly, the strength in numbers is not supported by social indicators of wellbeing.

Older people in Bundaberg rate in the lowest quintile of the Index of Wellbeing for Older Australians (

No matter where you live in Australia the Age Pension is inadequate and those who rely on it are often just scraping by on the poverty line or worse.

With a high proportion of retirees in the region, Ballina is a priority target for our campaign activity.

Our campaign leaders are visiting Ballina to meet with local individuals, politicians and community groups. Share your insights and local knowledge with us and become a community champion for Age Pension reform.

Sign up online now and add your voice to our Fix Pension Poverty campaign.

A Federal Election is due to be held sometime in the next twelve months. We're calling on political parties and candidates to commit to:

  • Increasing Rent Assistance for people on the Age Pension who are struggling to afford private rents 
  • Addressing out of pocket health costs by providing access to free dental care for people receiving the Age Pension
  • Keeping people on the Age Pension connected to communications as more essential services are transferred online and the National Broadband Network increases costs
  • Setting the rate of the Age Pension independently and based on evidence, rather than the politicking of the day
05 December 2017

People who live in private rental whilst living on the age pension find themselves incredibly ...