10 May 2019

As part of the Fix Pension Poverty campaign, we've produced a two-part radio documentary hearing from the experiences of people who are struggling to get by on the Age Pension. 


You can download and listen to the documentary by clicking on the links below. 

PART 1: Fix Pension Poverty audio documentary

PART 2: Fix Pension Poverty audio documentary

This short documentary hears from people who are themselves living on the Age Pension, and about the financial struggles they face. 

It was produced for local radio stations to play, and has had some play on community radio stations in areas that we are targeting for the campaign. If your station would like to use this audio, please download and feel free to do so. We'd love if you sent us an email to let us know too! [email protected]

Of course, you can download the audio to listen to on your own computer as well. Please also forward to friends and family who may be interested. 


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